Sunday, November 12, 2006

Leadership gap

A growing number of white hair managers are re-gaining the US Coporate Top seats.

  • Viacom: Sumner Redstone fires his CEO Tom Freston, and 83 years old is now in the driver seat of his company
  • Ford: the heir of Ford dynasty, Bill Ford, leaves his seat to Alan Mulally, 61 years old, after 37 years of employment at Boeing


  1. The juvenilism that was raging in US is in crisis. Where the mandatory law was model "FiFo" (first in first out) that is the annual programmed substitution of 10% of managers over 40s with the worst performances, with younger managers. The model was perhaps good in logistic but tragic in company's management (e.g. the Enron case)
  2. Today is back on the stage the "seniority" understood as capacity, experience, 360° competencies that today's business is requiring. Younger managers are more dynamic and assaulting, but with a specialistic culture, vertical monoculture and lack of a global vision
  3. Crisis of US leadership due to generational gap. According to Forrester Research before 2010 between 50-75% of top managers will retire (ex baby boomers born between 1940-1950, and they will not be replaced by younger managers that are more re cued in number and not trained to command. Young managers "moan lack of space and power, but they do not know to suffer"

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